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In Spanish speaking countries decisions are not made usually during meetings, which tend to be mainly for discussion and the exchange of ideas. In addition, decision-making can be slow as various levels of management need to be consulted.

It is essential that you try to understand their culture and their way of doing things in business. This will make your Spanish speaking clients respect you even more.

Business people from Spanish speaking regions usually are not in a hurry to sign or close a business deal. Therefore, don’t be surprised if they do not meet a deadline on time or even when they are late for a meeting. Just do a follow up kindly by email expressing thanks and to reinforce the personal relationships that have been created. Keep the momentum high by following your response with an email to establish a pattern of credibility.

As the relationship develops, it is acceptable to invite your Spanish speaking client out to more informal social gatherings, such as at a restaurant or dinner parties.

Extreme patience and respect for their cultures is required for successful negotiations.

Martha Jesty

Spanish Translator, Interpreter & Teacher of Spanish-English,

Specialist in Spanish, Latin American and British business cultures



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