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Spanish Interpreting & Spanish Translation Services near me offers professional Spanish language services for companies and individuals who deal with Spain and Latin America. We work with a team of professional Spanish translators and Spanish interpreters based in London & Surrey which allows not only accurate and reliable work but also carries cultural differences among Spain and Latin American countries.

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Accurate Spanish interpreting services for business meetings & conferences in London & Surrey dealing with Latin America & Spain. We work with very experienced Spanish interpreters based in the UK providing you with a first-class service.

Choose Spanish consecutive interpreting or simultaneous Spanish interpreting for conferences, seminars, trade shows and business meetings online or face to face interpreting services in London and Surrey.


Cursos privados de inglés para gente de negocios y diplomáticos Latino Americanos que viven en el Reino Unido o en Latino América. Estas clases de inglés son para perfeccionar su inglés y el conocimiento de la cultura Británica.

Las clases de inglés son online-virtuales o presenciales en Londres y Surrey, UK

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Fast and professional Spanish-English translations of documents for companies dealing with Latin America & Spain.

Spanish Interpreting & Translation Services delivers accurate & fast Spanish  translations done  by Spanish translators based in London & Surrey. Spanish translations and proofreading of all kind of documents, websites and Wills. Accurate Spanish translations are done taking into consideration the different use of Spanish in Spain and each Latin American countries.

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Practice Spanish in a social environment whatever your level in Spanish. A small group meets once a month in Surrey to practice Spanish with other English speakers. Spanish for beginners conversation meetings and Spanish conversation for advanced learners. Great networking meetings. 

Spanish conversation classes with a glass!


Learn Spanish with an effective and dynamic teaching methodology with emphasis in speaking Spanish. Private tailor-made Spanish lessons online or face to face in your office/home for beginners to advanced levels in Spanish.

We offer English classes for Latin American and Spanish business people based in the UK, Spain and Latin America. Our English classes as well as our Spanish classes are online or face to face in Surrey, UK

 I rate Martha Jesty's competence as a linguist at the highest level. During my time working at Peter Spanton Drinks as the Brand and Marketing Director, I contracted Martha Jesty to translate all of our marketing, communication materials and contract paperwork, for the customers and collaborators we worked with in the Spanish, Portuguese, and South American regions. She was key in ensuring that we were communicating the correct messages and sentiments to our customers in those regions. Martha was also instrumental in helping us on the ground, attending meetings and events with the Spanish speaking clients, helping to translate, helping us understand their culture which in turn helped us secure deals and plan business working practices.

Martha Jesty was invaluable when joining our teams at brand / trade events and supported us in delivered presentations in Spanish alongside demonstrations. This ensured we could connect with distributors and customers on their level, also allowing us to receive and understand their feedback which was a very important part of succeeding to grow the export side of the business.

Martha Jesty is very trustworthy, reliable, and professional at all times; she is always extremely thorough and organised with all stages and processes associated with any project I have worked with her on. Her communication and proposals are always very clear, confident and considered, which gives you peace of mind, and I always feel very confident when introducing her to clients and partners. A very safe pair of hands and a joy to work with.  Ceri Passmore, Former Brand & Marketing Director Peter Spanton

The uniqueness of Latin America and Spain demands a specialisation in the cultures and languages if we are to be relevant to the their reality. SIT & SLS are experts in the matter. John Chapman,  Former Latin Link International Director

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