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The time has arrived for your business to go forward in Latin America and that will only happen when you know how your clients think and behave.

It is vital to learn as much as you can about how people behave and think in a country where you want to do business. Learn the main points to aid your business breakthrough in Latin America and show how to work alongside people from these cultures.

Working with people from another culture demands flexibility, adaptability and open-mindedness. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Communication patterns. Friendliness is paramount in business circles using at the same time the Usted (you formal way) to address each other. The distance while communicating with business people is shorter than in Britain and if you go backwards is seems as rude or distanced.

  2. Meaning of time. Time keeping in business is not as punctual as in Britain. This also differs between countries within Latin America being the latest Ecuatorians and Peruvians. If you are invited to a social event then the time that you should arrive to the social is up 1 hour later. Showing patience will gather good point on your behave.

  3. Spain vs Latin America. If you have done business in Spain and you think that the 2 regions are very similar, you are very wrong. There are 22 countries in Latin American and, although they all have very similar history, language and values, there are many differences between Mexicans and Argentinean businesspeople. Family conversations are very important for Latinos within the normal business talks to “break the ice”. Never say “no” to a social event you have been invited by your Latino client. You will do better business in a social event than in a formal event.

Being culturally prepared is one of the keys factors in promoting immediate and long-term success for British businesspeople whatever country they are visiting in Latin America. Your knowledge in these cultural differences and awareness could prove key in the growth of your business.

Martha Jesty

Spanish Translator, Interpreter & Teacher of Spanish-English,

Specialist in Spanish, Latin American and British business cultures



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